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Cannabis Consultation

New Cultivation Site / Expansion

Existing Facility Consult

Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing 

Documentation, Planning, Location Procurement, Facility Design, SOP's, Software, Employee Training, Genetics Procurement

I play the role of Undercover Boss.  I will work with your people without their knowledge.  Invaluable Analysis.

I help train your people on the basics of Six Sigma and Lean while helping them apply it to their workplace directly.

Indoor Grow

In specific markets, indoor cultivation is a preferable growing strategy. In recreational markets, eye appeal can effect price and therefore effect demand. But with so many options in terms of technology, equipment, and growing styles, deciding how to start can be overwhelming.

Having designed and operated several indoor farms, I can help take the stress out of equipment,  tools, resources needed as well as and decisions on what facility would be best.


When it comes to design, the right experience can mean the difference between a lean, well-executed start-up and an expensive flop.

Outdoor  Grow

Outdoor growing is the most effcient way to grow — but it’s also the riskiest.

Unpredictable weather conditions or smoke from local wildfires can destroy an outdoor cannabis crop, and even good weather can expose plants to insects, wind, and pests.


Poor decisions around strain selection and crop timing can further aggravate these issues. However, most risks can be mitigated with proper planning and crop location.

I utilize both traditional farming experience and modern cannabis growing techniques to help clients skip the guesswork and give their outdoor project the greatest chance of success.


Greenhouse Grow

Greenhouse production is the future of cannabis cultivation. Greenhouse growing allows businesses to harvest the power of the sun, reduce electrical costs, and minimize their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, new technology is constantly being introduced to help greenhouse cannabis cultivators produce high-quality crops at a fraction of the cost of indoor production. Let me help you unlock the power of greenhouse cultivation and watch your business flourish.

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