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From Seed
to Harvest

Cultivation Expertise for
Licensed Cannabis Farms

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I help cannabis growers save money. Period.

As a trusted cannabis consultant to the owners of licensed businesses, I help optimize both new and existing production sites and ensure that expansion projects are a success.

By leveraging more than two decades of experience, including some epic failures, I show clients the shortest path from seed to success.  From cannabis licensing to complete restructuring, I can help you grow.

Typical project results include:

- Faster than average cultivation start-up

- First mover advantage with increased market share

- Avoidance of unnecessary startup expenses

- Seamless expansion to additional sites

- Improved crop quality and yield

-Improved employee culture

- Lower operational expenses

- New revenue from alternative sources

What people are saying
about Bill Cook Consulting

Bill Cook is simply amazing. His experience,
depth of knowledge and work ethic are unmatched. He has become my go-to expert consultant to either improve a good grow or completely turnaround a disaster. He's a miracle worker that has proven
himself over and over.
I am the Director of Sales for some very high-end LED light systems and I have watched him help my clients over and over.
He's worth every penny. I highly recommend him, without hesitation.

--Mike Grudzien, DOS,  ReLi Grow Systems

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I've seen “a million ways to grow cannabis”.  But in any industry, the leader is the one who finds the most cost effective, efficient way to do things.  I first applied Lean Six Sigma to the art and science of growing cannabis in 2014 and have created a Standard unlike any other.

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